2021-2022 Membership Application Available

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Membership shall be comprised of eligible prep School teams who register as a Full Member or Part-time Member of the PSHF (Prep School Hockey Federation) who remain in good standing with the organization by fulfilling their financial and participatory obligations. The expectation for Members is that they play games vs other Member Teams to build a healthy competition in the Federation. Full Members are required to have registered in 5 Showcases minimum. A part time Member can be considered for invite to the championship if they attend 2 showcases and have a 900 win percentage.

U16 and U18 divisions available at all events. Ask about Showcases this year offering U12 and U14 Divisions as well.

What to expect from a Full Membership:

* Scheduling of showcase events,

*Provide player registration, rosters records.

* Track game stats including Goals and Assists to promote our players.
* Manage player and coach’s discipline.
* Player profiles hosted on the PSHF website.
* Develop our own Video Channel so Scouts can view the video.

*Reasonable fees and membership expectation

*Elite prospects listing and Hockey Tech Listings

** Games Broad cast on Hockey TV (unless Specified differently based on venue availability)

Full Membership $1500 per year  – $1650 to $2250 per showcase range dependent on ice cost and refs. invoiced  to each school 30 days in advance when schedule is released.
Part-time Members are any  teams who participates in more than one Showcase and who wants to be considered for the Championship must have min participation of events to qualify for championships.

Invitee or Guests– Guests are always Welcome.