PSHF Championship Feb 28-March 1 2020

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The “PSHF” Championships

February 28- March-1; 2020

Rules and Regulations


General Information

Awards:          Team Championship Banner

                        Championship game MVP awards (both teams)

                        Individual Team MVP awards (all participating teams)

                        Top Academic Achievement awards (all participating teams)


Preliminary, Semi Final and Championship Games


a.)   The game will consist of 3 X’s 15 minute stop time periods with a flood every two periods.

b.)  No Overtime in Round Robin play.

c.)   At the completion of the preliminary round, the top two (2) teams from each division will advance to the single elimination playoffs (semi-finals and final).

d.)  Tie Breaking Procedure (Division Standings):

1.     The team with the most points (2 pt. for a win; 0 pt. for a loss.) A Forfeit will be listed a as 1-0 loss

2.     The record between/among tied teams (Head To Head)

3.     The team with the highest goal differential:        Goals For – Goals Against     

4.     The team with the least goals against.

5.     The team with the most goals for.

6.     The team with the least penalty minutes.

7.     Coin Toss


Application of Tiebreakers (Round Robin Division Standings)

When 3 or more teams are tied, the order of tie breaking, as outlined above, are applied until one or more teams are separated either up or down from the tied group. At this point, if some ties still remain, the tie breaking procedure will then continue with the next step for the remaining tied teams. This process will continue until all ties are broken. Game results (GF, GA & penalty minutes) involving all pool game results will be used.


Overtime Procedure (Semi-final and Championship games):

In the event of a tie, teams will play 3 on 3 for a five (5) minute stop time period. Penalties will be served as per standard rules. A team however, can only be short one player on the ice so delayed penalties will result. When penalties occur, teams will play 4 on 3 until the first stoppage of play after the penalty expires, then return to 3 on 3. All overtimes are sudden death/victory. If still tied a 3 player pool shootout will occur followed by a sudden death player shootout. All players, including the first 3 designated shooters, are eligible to participate in the sudden death/victory shootout.

N.B. Any player serving a 10 minute misconduct, been assessed a game misconduct or match penalty is ineligible for the shootout.



 Additional Regulations and Penalties:

 a.)   Be prepared to start 10 minutes early.

 b.)  There will be a three (3) minute warm-up.

 c.)   Between periods, players are to go directly to their respective player benches.

 d.)  Running time will occur in the third period of all games if and when a 5-goal differential exists between the teams and will remain running unless the score is reduced to a 2 goal differential at which time the game will return to stop time.

e.)   Hockey Canada rules as adopted by the PSHF will govern play in the Championship

f.)    Each team is allowed a 30 second timeout per game.

g.)  Neck guards and mouth guards are recommended but not mandatory

h.)  A Forfeit by a team will be listed as a 1-0 loss

i.)    Home team is the first team named and will wear white or their light coloured jerseys. Jersey conflicts to be negotiated between coaches.




No competitor is eligible for the PSHF Tournament whose name is not included in the official team accredited list.