The Prep School Hockey Federation Mestel Cup 2020

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Championship Tournament

February 28-March 1; 2020

Mestel Cup U-18 Schedule

 The U18 Cup is named the Mestel Cup after Simon Mestel who was a GM of our Blyth Toronto Team for 7 years in our League who loved the game and helped to bring the Federation to life. He passed away last season from Cancer and I miss him and his love of the Game every day. If our players battle as hard as he did our games will be Awesome.

Division A                                                               Division B

College Andre Grasset (CAG)                                                Le Sommet

DesMonts Academie                                                              Blyth Academy Bruins Blue

Rebels                                                                                     Blyth Raiders

Everest Academy                                                                    OV Wolves

Division A Schedule

February 28                 

REC       9:55 AM        DesMonts Academie             vs          Everest Academy

REC       11:35 AM       CAG                                      vs          Rebels         

BOWL   2:40 PM          Everest Academy                  vs          CAG

BOWL   6:00 PM          Rebels                                    vs          DesMonts Academie


February 29

BOWL   9:00 AM         Everest Academy                  vs          Rebels

REC       10:55 AM       DesMonts Academie             vs          CAG

REC       3:55 PM          2A                                          vs          3B

REC       5:35 PM          1A                                         vs          4B


Division B Schedule

February 28

BOWL   9:40 AM         Blyth Blue                            vs          Blyth Raiders

BOWL   11:20 AM       LeSommet                             vs          OV Wolves

REC       2:55 PM          Blyth Raiders                        vs          OV Wolves

BOWL   7:40 PM          Blyth Blue                             vs          Le Sommet 


February 29

BOWL   10:40AM        OV Wolves                            vs          Blyth Blue

BOWL   2:00 PM          Blyth Raiders                        vs          Le Sommet

BOWL   5:20 PM          2B                                          vs          3A

BOWL   7:00 PM          1B                                          vs          4A

U-18 Semi Final Playoffs

March 1

REC       8:30 AM         1st – A                                    vs          2nd – B

BOWL   8:15 AM         1st – B                                   vs          2nd – A

U-18 Championship


March 1  BOWL            1:30 PM                                 Semi Final Winners